Monday, May 16, 2016

MLS and the WNBA are both now 20 years old--is either catching on?

I can't say I've seen either the Mayo Clinic or the Alaska Airlines play before--and where is Mayo anyway?

The WNBA kicked off it's 20th season this past weekend.  Major League Soccer did the same last year.  I'm sure both leagues (as well as their serious fans) have tons of PR data that suggests they're each continually gaining popularity and becoming more mainstream--but my observation as a sports fan/independent observer is that they're not.  I am equally as ambivalent about the WNBA as I was 20 years ago, and as far as MLS goes, I think I actually care a bit less at this point considering I was originally excited when the league debuted.

Like I said, I know the leagues have their die-hards, but I don't get the sense that average sports enthusiasts like them more today than they did two decades ago.  I also don't believe the media covers either more now than at the beginning, which should be a pretty fair gauge of the public's level of interest (or lack thereof).

What do you think?

And if you read the photo caption above, yes it's a joke, but it's also somewhat telling.

 - How many NBA players would it take to beat a WNBA starting five?
 - Frustrated NE Revolution player tosses opponent faking injury; plus would Boston have had a parade if they won the title?

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