Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Is the U.S. Army trying to recruit kids to fight space aliens?

The first time the above commercial aired on my TV, I originally thought it was just a U.S. Army ad.  But, I perked up when he said "war of '96" and then really started paying attention when the "Aliens Defeated" newspaper came on the screen.  Because I remember seeing Independence Day in the theater during the summer of 1996 and I knew there was a sequel coming out this year, I figured out what it was for (I like this new trend of movie trailers pretending to be real life, which as far as I know began with The Purge: Election Year).

The weird thing is, when you go to (ESD is an acronym they've made up for Earth Space Defense) the lines are pretty blurred between what is Independence Day: Resurgence promotion and what is trying to get you to actually join the army.  There are definitely some kids out there who will want to sign up because they really think they're going to protect Earth from space aliens...

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