Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Why would this guy take "professional" pictures of himself wearing a tux in front of a Porsche?

Sorry I don't have a better photo, but I didn't want to be too obvious that I was snapping a picture and I had to get a safe distance away first--you never know how somebody taking bizarrely staged selfies on the waterfront in South Boston is going to react...

The thing that's really funny to me is that if this guy actually owned the tuxedo he's wearing and the Porsche he's standing in front of, he'd never pick the Castle Island parking lot in Southie as the scenic place to shoot his "professional" selfie.

Did he rent both for the day in an attempt to get a picture of himself looking like a "baller"?  For what purpose would somebody do that?  Is that the kind of stupid stuff guys use to try to impress girls with their Tinder profiles?  Also, if he plunked down the cash to get the tux, car and camera, why not also invest in another person to take the photographs, if for no other reason than to at least make the experience not feel quite so embarrassing?  Not to mention, why not take the time to drive to a nicer beach?

Please, if you have any reasonable explanations for this I'd love to hear them.

UPDATE - Best response so far:

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