Friday, October 7, 2011

It's the WNBA Finals!

The WNBA Finals are happening right now.  If you knew that raise your hand.  Keep your hand in the air if you knew the two teams playing are Minnesota and Atlanta.  And that they are called the "Lynx" and the "Dream."  And if you can name one player.  If you're reading this and your hand is still in the air, I think you're lying.  Unless you're my sister who works for ESPNW, but even then I'm not so sure.  I did a little research just now and found out that Maya Moore from Uconn plays for Minnesota.  That's at least a name many people have heard of.  Also according to the box score on there were 15,124 people in attendance at game 2 on Wednesday night. And the photo to the right does seem to back that up.  So there definitely are fans that exist, I guess I just don't happen to know any of them.

In an episode of the office last season, Dwight Schrute said this: "What's the argument here?  NBA, WNBA.  One is a sport, one is a joke.  I love sports, I love jokes.  Room for all."  Now I'm not saying that I necessarily agree with that quote, but I do think it's telling that NBC was willing to write it into one of their most popular prime time shows.

Depending on reactions to this, I may or may not write a blog in the very near future about why I think I could play in the WNBA.

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