Thursday, October 6, 2011

When did they start making pink grapefruit tic tacs?

When I was a little kid my grandmother always had tic tacs (I'm not capitalizing the t's in "tic tacs" because they don't do it on the box, and since I don't like capital letters anyway I figured this was a good opportunity not to).  Because of that I thought they were the greatest thing ever, and she would buy them for me whenever my family visited.  I remember when the orange ones first came out, and thinking to myself "Orange mint?  That sounds gross."  But as it turned out they were actually pretty good.  It's probably been at least 20 years since I last had a box of tics tacs, so I may be way late on this one, but when did the pink grapefruit flavor come out?  I just saw a commercial for them a week ago, and that was the first I'd heard.

I think I'm going to love these things.  On holidays when my whole family gets together, my mom makes two fruit salads.  One with grapefruit for me, and one without it for my sisters, because they think it makes the whole thing taste like grapefruit.  I want everything to taste like grapefruit.  Pretty much anything you put grapefruit in I love.  I think it may be my favorite flavor of any kind.  That's a weird thing to say.  I never thought of it before.  Do people have "favorite flavors?"  I know you do for things like ice cream or jelly beans, but for all things combined?

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