Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dwayne Wade is Delusional

I've been meaning to write about an interview I saw with Dwayne Wade on 1st and 10 last week, but the end of the baseball season took priority.  Anyway, his answers to their questions made me really appreciate how cocky and out of touch with reality some professional athletes can be.  Jay Crawford asked Wade if he regretted celebrating in front of the Dallas bench after hitting a 3 in game two of the Finals (at the time it gave Miami a 15 point lead, but it also seemed to inspire Dallas to come from behind and win both the game and the series).  Wade said "no," claiming that his actions had nothing to do with Dallas' play, and that Miami losing was just a breakdown on their part.  Crawford later asked him if he regretted the pre-season celebration/party the Heat had when they signed Lebron and Chris Bosh.  Again Wade said "no," because "Miami is a very poor community" and that was an uplifting celebration for them.

I just don't get it Dwayne.  What's wrong with admitting that maybe you did something wrong?  It makes you look more human, and less like an egotistical jackass.  Finally, Skip Bayless asked Wade whether or not he thought Lebron choked in the Finals.  Admittedly a tough question to answer (and I love that Bayless always asks questions like that, most reporters are usually afraid too), but all Wade could muster up was "he didn't have the finals that he wanted to have."  You think?  Kind of an understatement for the worst performance ever by a star player in the Finals.

Here is a clip of the full interview, it's kinda long and the first few minutes are just Wade trying to sell a product he endorses (obviously the reason he agreed to do the interview), start watching around the 3:30 mark.

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