Monday, December 8, 2014

Frustrated Revolution player tosses opponent faking injury; would Boston have had a parade if they won?

This should be two different posts, but I just couldn't convince myself to write about soccer two days in a row.

Yesterday the New England Revolution lost the MLS Cup Final for a record fifth time in the 19-year history of the league (they've never won it).  Three of those defeats have now come at the hands of the L.A. Galaxy.

Late in the game with the Galaxy leading 2-1, L.A. goalie Jamie Penedo stayed down on the ground milking an "injury" in an effort to run time off the clock.  Players faking injuries is easily my biggest pet peeve with soccer, which is why when I watch it I end up tweeting things like this:

So in this case, I was particularly thrilled to see the way New England's A.J. Soares reacted to Penedo's antics:

That's my first-ever Vine right there, and I have to say I think it's a pretty good one (I'm fairly proud of my second one too, Rajon Rondo's spectacular full-court bounce-pass assist in the Celtics win over the Wizards yesterday).

Now on to Part II of this blog: If the Revolution had won yesterday, would we be seeing a parade in Boston this week?

I'm guessing it probably would've happened because people in charge would feel like it had to (remember, Patriots owner Bob Kraft owns the Revs as well), but I can't imagine there really could have been enough interest to justify it.  In the end I'm kind of glad it's a non-issue; the lack of crowds in attendance likely would have made Boston look pathetic and hurt our city's reputation as the king championship parades this millennium.

Dan Shaughnessy agrees with me:

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