Saturday, November 2, 2013


I can't stand the term "rolling rally," and I refuse to call it that.  I guess it goes back to when Mayor Menino got so scared of the crowds at the Patriots first Super Bowl championship rally (in 2002 at City Hall Plaza) that in 2004 he decided to have parades instead.  While admittedly it was a good idea, I think the fact that the Mayor couldn't even pronounce "rolling rally" made me hate the term forever.

That's Jonny Gomes holding up the World Series Trophy on the right, and below is just a whole bunch of confetti.

I was kind of excited to see the Red Sox ride the duck boats along the Charles River; I missed it in '04 and they haven't done it since.  Unfortunately that part of the day was a fairly anticlimactic:

This was the 8th event of its kind that the city of Boston has hosted since the turn of the century (the second since the creation of, and I've been to seven of them.  In my defense I was living in Austin, Texas for the only one I missed, and I did actually go to Houston (the host city) to watch the Patriots beat Carolina in the Super Bowl.  No other city can match that number of major sports titles this millennium.

Also, how do you think I get a chance to ride on Jake Peavy's duck boat?

Pretty genius line by whoever runs the Sox twitter account; Tampa may want to take notes.

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