Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Have the Tampa Bay Rays fired their twitter account manager yet?

On the evening of July 29th, the Tampa Bay Rays were in the midst of a very impressive 22-4 stretch.  After a 2-1 victory over Boston, the Rays found themselves with a half-game lead over the Red Sox atop the AL East.  However, Tampa had been handed that day's win on a blown call at home plate.  While representing the tying run in the 8th inning, Daniel Nava was incorrectly ruled out despite clearly beating the tag.  Angry about the umpire's error, whoever was running the Fenway Park scoreboard that night neglected to change the standings and move the Rays back into first place.  Tampa's official twitter account decided to take it upon themselves to point this out; a fairly obnoxious move considering everybody and their mother (the umpire even admitted he was wrong) knew they shouldn't have won the game the way they did.

The Red Sox twitter easily won the battle of wits by promptly responding with a dig at the Rays pathetic home crowds:

A look at the standings today shows the Red Sox with a 4 game lead.  Since their infamous trash talking tweet the Rays are just 3-8, and have lost six in a row (the red hot Dodgers are partly to thank).  Hopefully the @RaysBaseball twitter account has also been constantly bombarded by Sox fans pointing out the #FenwayParkScoreboard.

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