Saturday, August 17, 2013

My random idea for a video game

Over the years I have watched seagulls terrorize beach goers in a variety of ways.  I've seen them dive down out of nowhere and snatch sandwiches right out of unsuspecting hands.  I've observed them wait for people to walk away, then rummage through open bags left unattended.  Today as I was eating lunch I noticed one eyeballing me from several yards back, just waiting to see if I'd give it any sort of opportunity to scavenge.
Unlike "Duck Hunt," the bird is the hunter.
And in that moment an idea popped into my head.  Maybe it's called "Seagull Hunt," or something along the lines of "Grand Theft Seagull."  But in this video game you get to be the bird trying to steal whatever you can eat from the humans on the beach.  I envision a constantly decreasing energy line on the bottom of the screen that goes up when you find food.  As the game goes on the clock ticks faster and the food becomes harder to get.  Maybe each time you fly you lose power as well, in turn rewarding more difficult sneak attacks from the ground.  If while defending their snacks people manage to hit you with a towel, rock, or umbrella your life meter would take a drastic plunge.  

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