Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Guaranteed to get you pumped for World Series Game 6 tonight, + a bold prediction

If you've got 14 extra minutes available today to get excited about the Red Sox, I highly recommend watching all four of these clips.  If you don't have that much time just skip down to the last one (but then you'll be missing out for sure).

And here is my very bold prediction:

Drew has been nothing short of spectacular defensively, in fact I'd argue it's been worth having him in there just for that alone.  But at the plate he's 1-15 (.067) in the World Series, and incredibly just 4-50 (.080) in the playoffs. He's a much better hitter than that.  During the regular season Drew batted .253 (112-442).  Laws of physics, probability, and reason suggest he's got to hit eventually.  I think it's going to happen, and in a big spot.  He showed signs of life in consecutive at bats in Game 5; first with a near home run to right center in the 5th and then a huge walk during the go-ahead rally in the 7th.  His big brother JD hit what's been dubbed the $14 million grand slam (the only thing he did to earn his money during the first season of 5 year $70 million contract) to help the Sox rally form a 3-1 series deficit in the 2007 ALCS vs Cleveland.  I'm betting it runs in the family.

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