Saturday, July 5, 2014

I may have to buy Harpoon's entire stock of grapefruit beer

This summer Harpoon decided to make a beer with grapefruit juice called UFO Big Squeeze Shandy.  I'm a huge fan of all things grapefruit, and I honestly think it's my favorite beer of all time.  I bought a 12-pack on Memorial Day expecting to only drink one or two, but they went down like Gatorade and I had eight of them (I swear the fact that it has grapefruit juice in it also helps battle the hangover the next day).

Now I'm hooked (It was my official 4th of July beer this year).  The problem is, very few bars and liquor stores carry it.  I've got a feeling it's not very popular, and Harpoon may decide not to make it any more.  At the very least it'll be a "seasonal offering," and they won't brew it again until next summer.

That is not going to work for me.  I might need to stock up and start buying out every store's supply in a hundred-mile radius; like in that episode of Seinfeld where the "Today Sponge" went off the market and the women Jerry was dating (named Lena, pictured) had an entire closet full of them.

And then for the rest of my life will I have to consider how important the situation is every time I drink one?

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