Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's a little obnoxious of us to get too down about the U.S. being eliminated from the World Cup

That was some game yesterday, but now we can all go back to not caring about soccer for the next 1,400 days or so (until the 2018 World Cup in Russia).  And as much as people (myself included) got excited about this edition of Team USA, it is still true that we don't really care about soccer.

Because of that I'd almost feel guilty if the US had continued its run in this World Cup.  It's so much more important to these other countries; we don't deserve to be a soccer powerhouse.

If you disagree, try googling "pro sports in Belgium" and see what you come up with.

Here's my American analogy to what the World Cup means to some other nations: First imagine that the NBA, MLB and NHL no longer exist.  There is only the NFL.  Then pretend the league's playoffs only come around once every four years.  How excited would you be for Tom Brady's last hurrah in a quest to win the 2016 Super Bowl (the first since the Patriots' painful loss to the Giants in 2012)?  That's what the World Cup is like for Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, the Netherlands, etc.

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