Sunday, May 18, 2014

NBA conference finals inspired Awesome Not Really Old at All But Extremely Funny Song(s) of the Week

It's a very bizarre situation that Indiana has home court advantage against Miami, but is also an overwhelming underdog (although the left for dead Pacers have amazingly shown signs of life since banishing Andrew Bynum).  Anti-Heat fans can find hope in the fact that no matter what happens, Miami can't open the Finals at home either.

ABC/ESPN has been running this NBA Countdown show intro for a while, but I only just saw it for the first time:

This part with Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose cracked me up, and immediately made me think of...

From 2009, Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions:

Which brings to mind The Lonely Island's I'm on a Boat:

And of course the immortal 2006 classic Dick In a Box:
(Spanish subtitles free of charge)

The Lonely Island & Justin Timberlake - Dick In A Box (Subtitulado EspaƱol).

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