Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Bruins' playoff loss brought to light my issue with hockey

As I watched the Bruins trail by one goal for most of their Game 7 defeat last week, I came to a conclusion about hockey.  The same thing that makes it so dramatic and intense also makes it hard to watch: There's no way to anticipate a comeback.

In baseball if your team is losing by a run late in the game, the excitement grows as runners get on base.  In football if they're behind with time running down the likelihood of scoring increases as the offense drives down the field.  And in basketball a once big lead getting trimmed to just a few points gives fans hope of victory.

But hockey isn't like that.  Having several near misses at a potential game-tying goal doesn't increase the chances of it eventually happening.  Scoring opportunities develop in a matter of seconds (or less) and are impossible to predict.  And while this keeps you on the edge of your seat, it can also leave you with a nauseous feeling in your stomach and no reason for optimism.  It'd be nice if "almost goals" were uplifting in the same manner that base-runners, long drives and made baskets can be.

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