Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Get ready for Kevin Garnett's final NBA game

Last night was Brooklyn's last stand.  Old man Paul Pierce summoned the ghosts of playoffs past, and almost overcame LeBron James' 49-point game.

But it wasn't quite enough, the Nets couldn't hit their shots down the stretch, and the Heat now head back home with a 3-1 series lead.  At this point I think most basketball observers would be shocked if Miami didn't close things out on Wednesday.

As much as I don't want to admit it, Kevin Garnett is just a shell of his former self at this point.  Garnett will turn 38 years old next week.  This postseason he's averaged 7.4 points and 6.2 rebounds in only 20.5 minutes per game.

KG is one of the most competitive professional athletes I've ever watched, and it has to be killing him to realize he can't get it done anymore.  I can't imagine he'll really want to come back and grind through another season next year.  There's a very good chance tomorrow night is the end of the line.

While Garnett has one year remaining on his contact (at $12 million, making him practically untradeable), Pierce will be a free agent.  "The Truth" seems to have a little bit left in the tank, and could well sign somewhere else.  A return to Boston wouldn't surprise me...


  1. Man i remember McHale's last night vs the Hornets in 93. They got hosed that night against Mourning and company. It was great seeing McHale retire in Celtic green but Celts did themselves good for the future getting something for KG.

    Thing is, KG LOVES his money and I could see him possibly fulfilling the contract, especially if Nets can improve roster (or coach) seeing as it hasn't been the perfect fit (this means you suck Deron Williams).

    1. Was that the series Mourning won with that top of the key jumper? It's definitely possible KG could stick around in a limited minutes bench role for one more year, especially considering the sudden popularity of the Rivera/Jeter "retirement tour season." He may opt for that, but I think his competitive nature may also make him decide to quit now. Definitely depends on the Nets outlook next year too...

    2. Yeah it was the Mourning top of the key jumper. Celts made a furious 4th quarter comeback then got hosed on a goal tending call- the second one in 3 years to eliminate them (game 6 of 91 vs Pistons was egregious). I despised that Charlotte team except for Mugsey and Del Curry.


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