Thursday, May 15, 2014

ACC football has no need to worry about scheduling 'nonconference' games vs itself

Earlier this week the ACC decided to stick with an 8-game conference football schedule, even though the league has 14 teams (Louisville replaces Maryland next season).  From

"Because of the eight-game league schedule, non-primary crossover rivals in the Atlantic and Coastal divisions may wind up playing each other only once in an 11-year span. This prompted discussion at the spring meetings about scheduling fellow ACC teams as nonconference opponents in future seasons."

The possibility of nonconference games between teams in the same conference just goes to show how stupid and out-of-whack the whole conference system has become.

I've got news for you ACC teams, you don't have to worry about playing somebody only once every 11 years because there is a 0% chance the conference will still be the same in 11 years.  The way things are now when a conference remains unchanged for even one year I'm surprised.

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