Friday, May 23, 2014

Seriously NBA? Four days between games?

Eventually this arena will be full again...
Last night at work I scrolled through the channels trying to find something to put on the TV's in the bar.  Since the Pacers and Heat played on Tuesday, I figured they'd be at it again on Thursday, as its customary in the NBA for teams to have one day off in between games.

Well, they weren't.  And they're not playing tonight either.  Game 3 isn't till tomorrow, four days after Game 2.  The same is true of the West finals, where the Spurs and Thunder took the floor Wednesday, and not again until Sunday.

What are you doing NBA?  Obviously the league has decided it's worth disrupting it's normal patterns in order to televise these games on the weekend, but why?  Are people any more likely to watch on Saturday and Sunday night's then Thursday or Friday?  Don't humans tend to go out on Saturday nights?  There's a reason networks don't have any good shows on Saturdays.  And don't most people watch Game of Thrones on Sunday's at the moment?

I would maybe understand if the games were on in the afternoons, but they're not.  This especially makes no sense considering it's on a long holiday weekend, and the beginning of spring at that. (RELATED: Why does football season start so early?  No need for it to still be summer...)

There is another factor that comes into play; the league decided long ago that the Finals will begin on Thursday June 5, and now the Conference Finals have to last long enough to get there.  Does that really need to be a date chosen in advance though?  Do any NBA fans even know or care when the Finals start without looking it up?  I'm pretty sure people will still watch even if they can't mark it on their calendars months ahead of time.    

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