Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The NBA draft lottery is tonight, and it's OK if the Celtics don't win

Statistically the single most likely option for Boston is the #6 pick overall.  That would be mildly disappointing, but not in any way disastrous.  Here's the explanation of my though process from Celtics Life a few weeks ago:

NBA draft lottery odds for every team; a look at the Celtics' options

This year is considered to be a very deep draft, and a player taken in the 6-8 range could easily become a superstar.  It's happened many times in the past; take a look at one of the hottest articles on Bleacher Report right now (yes, I wrote it):

The Top 10 NBA Draft Lottery Steals of All Time
(it includes multiple members of the Celtics most recent title-winning team)

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