Saturday, March 30, 2013

Highlight of the tourney so far: AT&T or Trey Burke 3?

It seems that pretty much everybody is a big fan of the AT&T ads with the guy talking to a group of kids sitting around in a circle.  There's a ton of them, and they're all funny.  Although until a few days ago I hadn't even noticed or payed any attention to what they were for, supporting my theory that commercials don't actually work.  Recently several versions of the ads have come out that directly pertain to the NCAA tournament.  Here's my favorite, the look on the girls face when she says she believes in herself cracks me up:

Tonight I just saw this one for the first time:

That is one very impressive table.  Almost as impressive as the insane three pointer Trey Burke hit to help the Wolverines knock off Kansas yesterday:

Michigan trailed by 14 with 6:30 left, by 8 with 1:20 to go, and by 5 with just :15 seconds remaining.  And then this happened.


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