Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bad losses that might not be so bad

The Celtics have lost to the Knicks twice in the past 6 days, and it wasn't close on either occasion.  But even though it was difficult to watch them get blown out by 15 points at home on Tuesday, and by 19 in New York tonight, it could actually end up being a good thing for Boston in the long run.  New York's 8 game winning streak has allowed them to move even with Indiana for the 2nd/3rd spots in the Eastern Conference.  With 9 games remaining Boston trails both Chicago and Atlanta (tied for the 5th and 6th positions) by 2.5 games, and also leads 8th seeded Milwaukee by 2.5 games.  At this point it's very likely Boston will stay put in 7th place.

Despite the two ugly defeats this week, I believe the Knicks are the team the Celtics should want to play in the first round of the playoffs.  I don't think we can read too much into these recent "Kevin Garnett-less" meetings in terms of predicting what would happen in the postseason.  And as far as matchups go, I like the C's chances against New York much better than I do vs the Pacers.  Not to mention how much fun a Boston vs New York series would be.  And in order to make that happen, the Knicks most likely have to beat out Indiana for the #2 spot in the East, and in turn face off against the 7th seeded Celtics.  Hopefully you'll remember reading this when Boston is celebrating a first round victory over New York a month from now.

I also wrote a post for Celtics Life suggesting the possibility of this chain of events a week ago.


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