Friday, March 29, 2013

Awesome Old Song of the Week: "Big Empty" by Stone Temple Pilots

Big Empty became popular due to being featured in the commercials for the movie "The Crow" in the spring of 1994.  I watched "The Crow" a bunch of times during my freshman year in college because it was my roommate's favorite movie ever.  The crazy thing with that film is that it was about a guy coming back from the dead; and the actor, Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee), was actually killed during it's filming by a mistakenly loaded gun.

In the summer of 1994 the Stone Temple Pilots released an album containing Big Empty, called "Purple."  Similar to Pearl Jam's "Vs." I remember this CD for it's bright yellow scaly looking pattern.  I also remember a kid at tennis camp that summer blasting this song about 100 times in a row out his dorm room window.



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