Monday, March 25, 2013

The most oddly successful movie franchise I can remember

I can't imagine a more fitting photo for this movie.
I've seen a bunch of commercials on TV lately for a movie premiering on May 24th; Fast & Furious 6.  All I can think of is "how is this possible?"  And there's a 7th edition already slotted to come out in 2015 as well.  That'll be 7 films in 15 years, going back to the original from 2001.  Several of the sequels haven't even bothered to change the title.  And somehow they keep going.

There were 8 Harry Potter movies that hit theaters in a span of 11 years (also starting in 2001), but they were based on widely popular books and pretty much guaranteed to all be made the second the first one was signed off on.  From 1962-1989 a whopping 16 James Bond movies (and another 7 since then) came out, which is pretty much the gold standard in terms of movie franchises.  Other than that I can't think of any other film series to release so many editions in such a short time.  The fact that James Bond is the closest thing I can compare this Fast & Furious nonsense to is a little disturbing.


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