Sunday, March 24, 2013

Top 3 storylines from the opening weekend of the NCAA Tournament

Whether or not these are really the three biggest stories of the tourney so far is definitely debatable.  But the name of this site is "37 seconds of sports and other stuff i care about," so there you go.

The ultimate Cinderella FGCU Eagles have a Celtics connection.
1. Michigan looks really good.  Yeah they probably were under-seeded with a #4, and VCU at a #5 was most likely a bit of a stretch in the other direction, but the Wolverines offense looked unstoppable in their 78-53 demolition of the Rams on Saturday.  In fact the Big Ten as a whole has been mighty impressive (to no surprise), making up 25% of the remaining teams in the field.

2. Gonzaga did not look so good.  After squeaking by #16 seed Southern in round 1, the Bulldogs got bounced by ninth seeded Wichita State in round 2.  Even though I felt strongly that Gonzaga was not deserving of the #1 ranking in the country, I didn't expect them to lose on the first weekend.

3. Florida Gulf Coast University became the first #15 seed ever to make it to the Sweet 16.  Amazingly the school has only existed for 16 years, and just started playing in Division 1 basketball two seasons ago.  Celtics coach Doc Rivers is also good friends with their point guard, Brett Comer.  Read more about it in my article for Celtics Life.


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