Thursday, December 1, 2011

Is the BC hoops team actually worse than the football team?

Back in mid September I wrote a blog about how bad the Boston College football team was.  Well, the gridiron Eagles definitely showed improvement and rallied a bit at the end of the season, but they still finished 4-8, their worst record since 1995.  And now it looks like the basketball team is even worse.  They're 2-5 right now.  They lost to Holy Cross by 22.  They lost to UMass by 36.  Thirty-Six!!!  And last I checked Marcus Camby did not play in that game.  The Eagles' 2 wins were home games against New Hampshire by 3, and over UCRV by 4.  In overtime.  And if you say you know what UCRV stands for you're probably lying (it's the Highlanders of The University of California Riverside).  BC looks terrible, and they've only played the EASY part of their schedule.  Guess what's coming: the ACC.  Their conference season kicks off January 7th, at North Carolina.  Ugh.  I think it's safe to say we won't be seeing anything like this:

I still remember the starting 5 that year: Malcolm Huckaby, Howard Eisley, Gerrod Abram, Billy Curley, and Danya Abrams.  Loved that ' 94 team.

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