Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Berkeley and St James is a dangerous place

Last Tuesday around midnight I saw this accident happen right outside my work.  Everybody was fine, but both cars were pretty much ruined.  Watching it get cleaned up actually provided some nice entertainment though, there were literally zero people in the bar from 11:30 pm on.  But here's the really weird thing: it was the second time in a month I've seen almost the same accident happen in the same intersection.  And it was at the same time of night too.  And both times it involved a taxi.  Hmm.

I'm keeping this super short today, I'm worried I've been kind of long winded lately.  But scroll down a bit and check out the new "contact email" picture on the side.  I figured it was time I had an email with "LucidSportsFan" as the address.  And that's what I've decided to use as my logo, at least for now.  Got any better ideas?  General comments, criticisms, advice, or suggestions?  Email LucidSportsFan@gmx.com.

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