Sunday, November 27, 2011

Did you know the Celtics only have 6 players?

So it looks like there will be NBA basketball this year, starting on Christmas Day.  But before that happens, the Celtics need to add a few guys.  Or half a team.  Right now the only players they have under contract are the 4 All-Stars, 98 year old Jermaine O'Neal, and back up guard Avery Bradley.  There's 2 draft picks out of Purdue named JaJuan and E'Twaun (yup, really) that'll be roster spots #7 and 8, but that still leaves them a minimum of 4 short.  They'll probably keep Jeff Green (who they traded Perk for) because they can pay him more than anyone else can.  But I think Big Baby is most likely gone, another team will offer him a contract for way more than he's worth.

That would leave Boston with 9 players and in need of some big men.  Many many big men.  Shaquille O'Neal and KG are going to need a LOT of help under the basket.  Unfortunately the contracts of Rondo, Pierce, Allen, and Garnett don't leave the Celtics with much money left over to spend; and there aren't a lot of good free agent options out there either.  The crazy thing is that training camps and the free agency signing period are scheduled to begin Dec. 9th, just 16 days before the start of the season.  I have no idea what's going to happen, but at least it will definitely be interesting.

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