Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Go Plate vs. Snackeez: Which stupid infomercial product would you rather use?

What are the odds I'll be at barbecue sometime this summer where people start handing out Go Plates?  Or, even more intriguing, what if one kooky person shows up with their own Go Plate just for themselves?

I will say this, I'm much more likely to use a Go Plate than I am to wear a GoBelt.  Good luck tossing a football around with a full Go Plate though--that's just a mess waiting to happen for pretty much everybody on Earth besides Odell Beckham Jr.:

But, I do like the idea of having a Go Plate for when you walk up to a table of food.  I never know what to do with my drink in that situation and it's basically impossible to get everything you want to eat unless you set your beverage down somewhere.

The general concept of the Go Plate is the same as the Snackeez--carrying both your food and drink in one hand.

While the Snackeez may provide significantly more security and prevent against spills, it can't hold anywhere near as much.  I'd also be willing to bet the Snackeez is a lot more complicated and time consuming to fill up.  When you factor in the cost (for $9.99 you get 10 Go Plates, but only one Snackeez), the Go Plate is the clear winner in my book.

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