Wednesday, January 27, 2016

You have to have just given up to wear a GoBelt, right?

I saw this ad on TV late last night:

Here's my breakdown of everyone in the commercial:

- For the people working out, fine I guess the GoBelt is OK.  But the others just walking around with it on during their day-to-day lives?  No.

- The lady with the shopping cart (:10) probably should've looked a little more like the woman in the purple shirt (:42)--she's the target audience GoBelt ought to be going after.

- The redhead in the green (:40)?  Absolutely not.  Same goes for the unidentified mom (:13) pushing her daughter on the swing.

- Tank top guy (:35) is just not wearing that thing over his shirt like that, and neither are raking leaves guy (1:19, pictured) or fishing guy (1:25).  In fact, those two should probably be made fun of mercilessly by everyone they know simply for being willing to dress like that in the ad, let alone in real life.

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