Friday, February 5, 2016

What if you could pause your TV and internet at the same time?

I got this idea from a tweet I saw the other day:

I don't want this to be just a Twitter thing though, I think it's much bigger than that.  It should be part of the entire system you have in place from your cable/internet provider.

Lots of people watch TV while simultaneously viewing corresponding things through various websites and social mediums on their computer, tablet or phone.  The signal for the internet comes from the same place as the one for the television, so Comcast/Verizon/Time Warner/whoever should create a pause button for the whole thing.  That way when you stop the game/The Bachelor/the Golden Globes to go to the bathroom, your ESPN updates/Facebook statuses/Twitter timelines could stay in the same place.

I'm have no idea how this would work for web interactions with other live humans, but hey, it's still a fun idea in theory.

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