Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What's your level of interest in the MLB All-Star Game?

Brock Holt might play.  He also might not.  Chances are Holt will be the last guy on the end of the bench that Ned Yost holds onto in case of an emergency (Yost kind of said as much when he selected him).  For me, I'd say the MLB All-Star Game ranks about right on par with the Celtics Summer League contest tonight in Las Vegas.

I'm sure that's on an extreme end of the spectrum for sports fans, but I feel as though nobody cares about the "Midsummer Classic" anymore.  I think in part, it's a dying product left over from a time when you read about baseball exclusively in the newspaper and saw only your local team on television.

With interleague play, fantasy baseball and the overall prevalence of cable TV and the internet, it's now possible to see (and know everything about) all of these guys all the time.  An appearance in one single game just doesn't have the clout that it used too...

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