Wednesday, July 15, 2015

'Altered Course' golf is my kind of golf

I'm a bit late on this blog since the show debuted a month ago, and to be honest, I haven't yet had the chance to watch an episode of Altered Course.

But, here's what I know:

Dating back to the very first time I ever played golf (probably about 20 years ago), I've always though that it should be a race--rather than keeping track of the number of strokes, record how long it takes to finish instead.

There could be marathons, where you have one running time for the entire course, or sprints, where you stop and take a break between each hole.  As with regular golf, you could calculate a total score by adding up the times from every hole, or play each one head-to-head as 18 individual races.  The possibilities are endless...

Here's the Altered Course trailer:

Two things jump out at me: One, I wish they'd taken it to a more extreme level and ditched the traditional golf clothes and bags.  I want to see the players in specially deigned athletic suits with custom-made holsters/backpacks for whatever smaller-than-usual number of clubs they elect to carry for optimal speed and efficiency.

And two, that place where the show is filmed looks pretty awesome, I think I'll have to go there sometime.

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