Monday, July 6, 2015

Brock Holt: Least likely All-Star in Red Sox history?

There's an MLB rule that every team must be represented in the All-Star Game.  Lacking any obvious choices, A.L. manager Ned Yost went outside the box and selected Brock Holt as the Red Sox's lone representative in 2015 (unless Xander Bogaerts wins the last man vote):

Having an All-Star picked out necessity rather than merit has rarely been an issue for Boston.  In fact, going back to the first Midsummer Classic in 1933, the Red Sox have had multiple All-Stars in all but seven seasons.  Most of the players making solo appearances in those years are not at all surprising:

2012: David Ortiz
2001: Manny Ramirez
1997: Nomar Garciaparra
1996: Mo Vaughn
1981: Dwight Evans

The one name I left out?  Scott Cooper, who represented the Sox by himself at third base in 1993.  However, Cooper then pulled off the feat again in 1994.  So unless Holt gets in at least one more time, it's had to argue he's not the most unlikely All-Star the Red Sox have ever had.

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