Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bigger deal in Boston: Jon Lester's first hit, or Gronk and Big Papi's second single?

Two major events occurred yesterday:

1.  Jon Lester got his first major league hit, in his 67th at-bat:

Oddly enough, it came against former Boston teammate John Lackey (here's the video).  In late May, Lester set an MLB record by going 58 at-bats without a base hit to start his career.

2.  Dunkin' Donuts released the second single from Gronk and Big Papi, entitled Turn It Up.  I have to say I'm a little disappointing in the duo's follow-up offering, which in my mind is vastly inferior to their smash debut, Sippin'.

I saw both stories covered on the local news here in Boston, but Gronkowksi and Ortiz was given a lot more air time.  It's honestly a tough choice for me, but being the stat guy that I am, I'll go with Lester.  Vote in the poll below:

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