Thursday, May 7, 2015

Was the Cavaliers' offensive video related to a cancelled Kevin Love arm sling giveaway?

Late last night I saw this tweet from the Cavs-Bulls game in Cleveland:

My initial reaction was "What the..."

Today the video in question was all over the internet:

To no surprise, people were a tad bit outraged.

This afternoon, the Cavaliers issued an apology:

While still moronic, the skit does not seem quite as offensive when put in the context that it's a parody of this United Healthcare ad:

The guy in the parody happens to look a lot like Kevin Love.  Oddly enough, there is also a report that the Cavaliers intended to do an "arm sling" giveaway last night in support of Love.  Allegedly they had 20,000 of them on hand, but cancelled the promotion at the last minute.  I can only assume the stupid video is somehow connected.

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