Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Snap analysis of the Wells report (Patriots deflategate) and its interpretation

How big of a deal is this?  Are Boston sports fans going to remember the "Wells Report" in a "Warren Commission" type of manner?  Only time will tell.  How will the NFL react?

Here's a screenshot from the report's summary:

"More probable than not" could mean 51 percent.  They didn't even feel confident enough to use the word "likely," or something along those lines.

Unfortunately, that's not how the court of public opinion works.  Irresponsible headlines are already popping up:

My biggest takeaway is that I can't believe the Wells Report is 243 pages long.  The table of contents alone is three pages.

Probably it happened, and Tom Brady knew it.  What this means, I don't know yet.

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