Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Why is "Star Wars Day" May the Fourth and not May the First?

Yesterday was "Star Wars Day," a concept that has been gaining steam in recent years.  Star Wars people apparently decided that "May the Fourth" sounds just like "May the force (be with you)."  But to me, "May the First" sounds just as similar, if not more so.

Let's examine the three words in question:


All three have the "F" and "R" sound.  Fourth has the same "O" sound as force, but "first" has the same "S" sound.  So at this point both words are on equal standing in terms of similarity.  However, in my mind the "TH" is a longer and more pronounced sound at the end of the word than the single "T", which sort of falls right off the end when you say "first".

I don't expect everybody to agree with me, but I do think it's a reasonable argument.

Here's a terrible interview with "Darth Vader" yesterday that baseball fans were forced (pun intended) to watch on NESN:

The thing that really bugs me about it is that at the beginning the guy sort of half-assed tried to do a James Earl Jones voice, but midway through he'd already completely given up.

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