Monday, January 19, 2015

Tom Brady is the NFL's all-time playoff leader in just about everything

After yesterday's 45-7 dismantling of the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC title game, Tom Brady is now No. 1 all time in each of the following career postseason categories (second place in parentheses):

Completions: 646 (Peyton Manning, 598)
Attempts: 1,035 (Manning, 935)
Passing Yards: 7,017 (Manning, 6,800)
Touchdown passes: 49 (Joe Montana, 45)
Wins for a quarterback: 20 (Montana, 16)
Game-winning drives: 8 (John Elway, 6)
4th quarter comeback wins: 5 (Montana also 5)

February 1st will be Brady's sixth Super Bowl appearance, the most ever for a quarterback and tying him with defensive tackle Mike Lodish for the most by any NFL player.  If the Patriots win, it'll be Brady's fourth Super Bowl victory--Montana and Terry Bradshaw are the only QBs to do that.

Here's my favorite stat of all: Only eight other NFL teams have more playoff victories in their history than Brady (20) does, just 25 percent of the league.

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  1. Please excuse my kinda off-topic question, but...

    It seemed (at least on the TV) that the crowd was booing Tedy Bruschi during the trophy presentation Sunday night. When and why did TB become persona-non-grata in Patriot land?

    1. You know, I was out and they changed the TV to a UFC fight after the game ended, so I didn't see that. I'm not sure, nothing I know of...


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