Saturday, January 24, 2015

Awesome Old TV Clip of the Week: The Wonder Years explains #Deflategate

This is something I've been thinking all along, but after Bill Belichick's most recent press conference I'm now firmly on board:

"Of course the human throat is always red, but fortunately my mother never looked at it when I wasn't complaining."

I'm guessing no one has documented football air pressure during an NFL game before.  Other than people who may have done tests in the last few days, nobody has any idea what is supposed to happen regarding PSI.  Is it possible everything about the Patriots' footballs was totally normal, but this is the first time the NFL, the media and the general public ever cared to find out?

Also, this facebook comment adds another great argument I havn't heard anyone make:

Jay IsabĂ«ll People are in such a rush to convict that they're not looking at the logistics involved with carrying out this cheat. I think it's more magical that somebody could deflate 11 balls to exactly 2 lbs less without being seen. That is time consuming son. How does one avoid not letting out too much air or too little air, to exactly 2 lbs, 11 times in a row? It's WAY more likely that the balls showed up underinflated at the same pressure and refs failed to check them at all. Refs are BUSY in pregame and this regulation is so insignificant I find it hard to believe that all refs carry out ball checking every single football game. That's just me.

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