Friday, January 23, 2015

Why I believe Tom Brady (and Bill Belichick)

I may be a slightly deluded Patriots fan on this one, but here's my thought process:

Prior to each of their respective press conferences, obviously Tom Brady and Bill Belichick talked this thing out beforehand.  It's not as if Bill just went up there on stage and said what he wanted to, then waited around to see what Tom would say.  The two of them made a plan, which in this case was to deny all knowledge of any wrongdoing.  That can mean two things:

1.  It's the truth.

2.  They decided to lie together.

They're not idiots.  Given all the garbage that's happened with the NFL lately, you'd have to think they're smart enough not to lie about this.  It wasn't going to be that big of a deal.  Either one could have taken culpability on some level and we all might have moved on from this absurd fiasco.  But if they are caught in a lie now, it's going to become a very big deal.  They must have realized this, right?

Either A) Brady and Belichick are supremely confident no one will every find out the truth (which seems extremely misguided), or B) they are telling the truth themselves.  I'm betting on option B.

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