Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I like the NFL's new plan to fix pass interference (makeup calls on the next play)

Trailing 16-9 on Sunday, the Raiders had a 3rd and 7 at the Patriots' 30-yard line with 1:09 remaining in the 4th quarter.  A very questionable pass interference penalty on Logan Ryan (which could just as easily have been against Oakland's Andre Holmes, pictured) suddenly gave the Raiders 1st and goal at the 6.  One the very next play Darren McFadden ran it in for what looked to be the game-tying (or winning in they went for two) touchdown.

Fortunately for New England a holding call (below) on Gabe Jackson nullified the score, and pushed the ball back to the 12-yard line.  Vince Wilfork's unlikely interception followed, and the game was effectively over.

Thanks to PatsPulpit.com for the picture and above GIF.

Here's my best guess at the referees conversation after the pass interference flag was thrown:

"Are we sure that was PI?"
"Maybe, I don't know."
"I think we have to call it, but there's no way that should be what decides the game, right?"
"What if we just move Oakland back a bit on the next play?"
"Good idea.  How about a holding penalty?  You can always find that going on somewhere."

Officiating continues to play too big a role in the outcome of NFL games.

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