Friday, September 26, 2014

Is LeBron an idiot for losing all that weight?

This offseason LeBron James reportedly went on a diet where he did not eat any carbohydrates, sugar or dairy products for 67 days.  My question is, why?

James says he weighs "250ish" now, meaning he probably lost at least 25 pound or so.  He's visibly skinnier than he was last season.

Over his 11-year NBA career, I've never once heard anybody say he even looked the slightest bit out of shape or overweight.

On the other hand, one of the things that makes LeBron the best basketball player in the world is that fact that he's always bigger than whoever is guarding him.  He's very good at driving through the lane and knocking people out of his way; often getting the "and one" foul calls when he converts layups despite a lot of contact.

His size and strength make him much more effective; getting smaller seems very counter-intuitive.

Also, I swear I once wrote something saying LeBron would be less talented than Rajon Rondo if you took away his supremely impressive stature.  I can't seem to find it though...

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