Saturday, September 27, 2014

Did Rajon Rondo eat at Wahlburgers, break his hand on a trampoline, have surgery, then fly to LA?

This is just weird.  But all of the following things happened in roughly a 24-hour span from Thursday into Friday:

These first two pics are screenshots from Instagram posts on Thursday (notice the location):

Friday evening this story broke:

Shortly after, this appeared on Barstool Sports:

"Reader Email: 'Rondo was at a trampoline park in Billerica last night. Might’ve been where he broke his hand. Here he is with my buddy who works there.'  
Yes this was definitely yesterday. The place’s name is Altitude Trampoline Park. Here are tweets from people who saw him there yesterday."

Also, notice that Rondo is wearing the same shirt at the trampoline place that he did at Wahlburgers.  Pretty suspicious, right?

Now here's where it gets even weirder; another Instagram screenshot, this time from Friday night:

Again, check the location.  Did Rondo really just fly to LA?  Training Camp starts next week, and even though he's obviously not playing, you'd think he'd be there for media day on Monday.  This Instagram post could possibly be old or not real, but that wouldn't make any sense either.

What are the chances Rondo took off to hide on the other side of the country because he doesn't want to explain to anybody about how he broke his hand?

I've been told on twitter by someone who says they heard "second hand" that Rondo did not jump on the trampolines himself.


Big thanks to @KWAPT on twitter for the help.

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