Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What do you do to keep track of all your passwords?

Anything you do on the interwebs these days needs a password.  I'm sure for "security purposes" it's smarter to use a different one for everything.  But that's impossible, right?  I'm really curious as to what people do about this.

The yellow post it note strategy pictured is probably a common one, but that seems pretty terrible.  I've heard of using the name of the thing you're logging into with a slight alteration as the password, but isn't it really easy to forget what the slight alteration is?  I'm sure people keep lists of all of them, but what if someone gets a hold of your list?  Obviously there are apps and websites that do this for you (google is always asking me, I keep saying no), but I'm not convinced that would actually make things any easier.

My method is going with several passwords repeatedly, each for different levels of importance of whatever the thing is.  It's worked for me so far, but I'm nervous that a few security breaches here and there could cause my whole system to come crashing down.  And now I'm wondering if I'm inviting that to happen just by writing this...

What do you do?  Please leave your thoughts as a comment below, or on the facebook or twitter.


  1. Before I start, from whence come that audio (crowd noise?) that keeps repeating??

    My simple existence doesn't require many passwords anymore (my better half handles essentially all on-line business -- I've never even banked on-line) though I do need to click "Forgot Password" every once in a while.

    The one such issue I had was in my final couple of years teaching when the school district's system made us up-date log-in info on a regular basis. Ultimately, I just alternated between the first and last letter being upper-case.

    As a stickler for language, you may find this amusing, Mark:

    1. I think the crowd noise is coming from an ad on the bottom of the page; they are out of my control, oh well. I like the alternating capital letter idea, luckily I don't have any that have to be changed regularly...


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