Friday, July 11, 2014

So, what exactly will LeBron's "max contract" be?

LeBron James has said he's going back to Cleveland, but he hasn't actually signed a contract yet with the Cavaliers.  Time and time again you've probably heard the term "max deal" mentioned, but what does that actually mean?

The largest potential contracts available to NBA free agents vary from player to player depending on how much they made previously, and how long they've been in the league.

If you stay with your current club you can always get a little more per year than if you go elsewhere, and you can sign for up to five years.  If you go to a new team you can't sign a deal for longer than four years.  This NBC Sports ProBasketballTalk article breaks down the numbers and explains it pretty well.

In LeBron's case the most Cleveland can pay him is roughly $88 million over four years, significantly less than the five-year $118 million deal he could have had to stay in Miami (which Chris Bosh just took).

It is widely assumed that LeBron will accept the four-year $88 mil offer.  He says he wants to finish his career in his hometown, but don't be surprised if he negotiates opt-out clauses into his contract in case things things don't go well with the Cavs his second time around.  He might give himself the chance to leave in two years, or possibly even after just one.  It's not going to happen, but my dream for LeBron to pick a new team every year for the rest of his career is still possible...


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