Monday, July 7, 2014

The Red Sox broke Xander Bogaerts by switching him to 3rd base (I wish they'd broken Stephen Drew instead)

On the morning of June 1 Xander Bogaerts was hitting .304.  To that point in the season he'd come up to bat 224 times, with an on-base percentage of .397.  For all 224 of those plate appearances (spanning 53 games) Bogaerts was Boston's shortstop.  June 1 was his last day at short.

Starting with Stephen Drew's return on June 2, Bogaerts has played nothing but third base.  In 29 games since he's batting .135 (15-for-111) with a .178 OBP.

Bogaerts' season average now stands at just .239.  I say move him back to shortstop.

Make Drew play third base instead.  If he can't do it, who cares; there's nothing to lose at this point anyway.

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