Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Has Tim Tebow given up? Say it ain't so!

It's now 2014.  Tim Tebow didn't play a single down in the NFL in 2013.  And he barely even saw the field in 2012.  The last time he started a game was in 2011.  And if you saw Tebow's Super Bowl commercials (pictured, in which talks about all the great things he can do while not having a "contract"), it's hard not to wonder if he may have called it quits on his dream of playing quarterback in the NFL.  His career completion rate still stands at just 47.9%, and after tracking it for two plus seasons with the Tebometer, it's looking like he may have officially reached the end of the line.

Don't give up Timmy.  Say you'll be a tight end.  Tell every team that'll take your call that you'll do whatever it takes to help their ball club.  I'm sure somehow some way you get can yourself another chance to throw a few more of those slow wobbly inaccurate passes on the world's biggest stage.  Here's a little motivational speech that might help you:

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