Monday, February 3, 2014

First Super Bowl ever with two coin flips and two Gatorade baths?

At yesterday's pregame coin toss either the referee or Joe Namath (wearing a ridiculous coat probably intended to entice Suzy Kolber to make out with him) forgot to tell the Seahawks captains to "call it in the air," leading to this ensuing multiple flip scenario:

After Peyton Manning's Broncos had been thoroughly embarrassed (and yes Peyton, no matter what you say you were embarrassed), Seattle players drenched their coach with orange Gatorade.  Unfortunately for Pete Carroll some of them clearly didn't realize it happened, because a short while later a bucket of yellow sports drink was also dumped over his head.

I'd be willing to bet both the double coin flip and the double Gatorade bath are Super Bowl firsts, and the combination of the two undoubtedly is.

For people who enjoy making unusual wagers on the big game, only the second coin toss, tails, counted (obviously, since the ref caught the first in mid-air).  But Las Vegas sports books did actually pay out on both Gatorade showers; orange at 3-1 odds, and yellow at 5-2.

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