Saturday, February 8, 2014

To promote LucidSportsFan I'm giving away a pair of Celtics tickets vs the Spurs this Wednesday, 2/12

I think I have a pretty solid product here.  People who have taken the time to get to know this site tend to keep coming back regularly.  So if you're new to, please spend few minutes looking around.  Scroll down through the past week's posts, and click on any of the topics on the side that might interest you; there's lots of entertaining stuff beyond just sports as well.  I recommend fashion, commercials, and recycle sunday (which is basically a highlight reel) to name a few.

Now here's how you can win the Celtics tickets: Enter via twitter, or facebook for the old fashioned folks who still haven't twittered up.  To be eligible on twitter you have to first follow @LucidSportsFan (or already be a follower), and then just retweet the tweet that mentions this contest.  Similarly on facebook you can "like" the LucidSportsFan page, and then share the link to this post.

I'll choose a winner at random on Tuesday, and get in touch through whichever method that person used to sign up.  You can pick up the tickets outside the Garden before the game Wednesday evening.  Thanks in advance to everyone for helping me promote my site.

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