Monday, October 31, 2011

Introducing the "Tebometer"

It's a Tebow-Meter, but it's pronounced teh-bah-meh-ter.  Like thermometer.  A few weeks ago when the Broncos announced that Tim Tebow would be their starting quarterback my snap analysis was that he probably wouldn't be any good because his career completion rate was under 50%.  At the time he had completed 45 of 92 passes in the NFL.  Well, after back to back 13-27 and 18-39 performances, his grand total now stands at 76-158, which checks in at 48.1%.  I've decided to track his quest to become a career 50% passer; hence the creation of the "Tebometer."

Now here's where it gets interesting: the AVERAGE completion rate in the NFL is about 60%.  No, Tebow's mission is not one of attempted mediocrity or respectability.  It is one of avoiding sheer atrocity.  I'm equating it to being below the dreaded Mendoza Line in baseball (having a batting average of less than .200), which is a terrible dark and lonely place that haunts players dreams and keeps them up at night.  Good luck next week Timmy.

Oh, and for anyone who's been reading my blog for a while, at the moment Tebow has passed Favre on my list and is gaining ground on Lebron.

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